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Preat Dental provides the finest precision attachment, implant and restorative prosthetic products to dental laboratories, dentists and denturists.

Our goal is to cultivate a long term relationship with dental professionals who value reliable quality products, unparalleled technical service and a personalized customer service experience that delivers the right products on time.

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Best Sellers

  • 3Z1000 Ceka Bond Adhesive

    Ceka Bond

    Ceka Bond is an anaerobic bonding agent that solves unthreading problems not only in traditional threaded precision attachments, but also in implant and orthodontic cases. It is non-caustic, non-water soluble, and slow setting to allow the best possible solution to cases of minor unthreading. Each tube has a shelf life of approximately one year.

  • 0702030 FR Female Only (1)

    FR Female Only

    FR Female Only (1). Plastic castable female.

  • 8004700 Nobel ActiveConical 3.0mm Analog

    Nobel Active/Conical 3.0mm Analog

  • 400851010 Locator TI Denture Cap wprocessing male (pkg 10)

    LOCATOR Replacement Denture Cap Male Assembly (10-Pack)

    8510 – LOCATOR DENTURE CAP WITH PROCESSING MALE (10 PACK) Titanium Denture Cap with Black Processing Male


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